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Special skills

Accents: Italian, British, Spanish

Languages (other than English): Italian (Mother Tongue), Spanish (Basic)

Singing Voice: Alto

Dance: Contemporary and Modern

Sports: Artistic Gymnastic, Modern Dance

Skills: Stage Combat training, Barista, Waitress, swimming

Driving Licence: EU Driver Licence, type B

Previous experience

Projects at RADA
Ensemble, Margot Monroe’s Nibelungenlied, dir. David Glass

Manifesto project: Not the Mother, Not the Lover, A Pug’s Life, dir. Bare Theatre Ensemble

Ensemble, Goodbye, dir. Kristine Landon-Smith and Neela Doležalová

Ensemble, The Suppliants, dirs. Aliki Stenou, Lane Paul Stewart, Kristin Winters

Ensemble, ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore, dir. Peta Lily

Jake (The Gang) and Lucy, The Threepenny Opera, dir. Simona Gonella and Ian Morgan

Thea Elvsted, Hedda Gabler, dir. Robert Fried

Dick the Dirty Cop, Drag Race Cabaret, dir. Jüri Nael

Io Sto bene (Francesca), 2019, dir. Donato Rotunno

Le Sorelle Macaluso (Pinuccia), 2019, dir. Emma Dante

Disgusted, we are all disgusting, dir. by Susie Dee, at La Biennale di Venezia College Teatro

Waiting for Lefty (Edna), dir. Gary Kingston

Loose Ends (Susan), dir. Gary Kingston

The Chairs (The Speaker), dir. Vittorio Bonaccorso

The art of asking your boss for a raise (The Choice), dir. Vittorio Bonaccorso.

The Neighborhood Playhouse school of the theatre, New York

La Biennale di Venezia College Teatro