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Special skills

Accents: Scouse, Manchester, Scottish, Irish

Singing: Tenor

Music: Intermediate Guitar, Intermediate Piano

Sports: Climbing, Snow sports, Football, Basketball

Driving Licence: UK

Previous experience

Projects at RADA

  • Puck, A Midsummer Night's Dream, dirs. Jüri Nael and Guillaume Pigé
  • Tiresias, The Bacchae, dir. Gareth Watkins
  • The Dock, The Revenger's Tragedy, dir. Peta Lily
  • Eilif, Mother Courage and Her Children, dirs. Simona Gonella and Ian Morgan
  • Arnholm, The Lady from the Sea, dir. Linda Miller
  • Drowning Man, Nine Minutes, dir. Jorge Crecis
  • Manifesto project: Monster Face


  • Andy, The Ridiculous Rhyme Show, dirs. Andrew Crawford and Joe Chambers, world tour UK/NZ/ AUS
  • Mr Wolfe, Spin The Bottle, dir. Dawn Kennedy, Forum Theatre
  • Dennis, Look Out here Comes Trouble, dir. Robert Powell
  • Daddy Brubeck, Sweet Charity, Ellesmere Port Musical Theatre


  • Model, Blue Iguana, dir. Hadi Hajaig (Film)
  • The Cowboy, Like Lead Balloons, Salford Uni. Dir, Andrew Crawford (short)
  • Dean, Down the River, dir. Richard Clarke, Manchester School of Art (short)
  • Torn, dir. Charlotte Dillon, Manchester School of Art (short)
  • Andrew, The Interview, Salford Uni. Dir Paul Murphy. (short)


  • Professor Poet, The Rhyme Rocket, dir. James Morgan, Cbeebies BBC
  • Raiders of the Lost Art, dir. Daniel Konteur, 3DD
  • Lenny, Casualty, dir. Paul Murphy, BBC

Stand Up Comedy

  • Northwest Junior Comedian of the year 2005
  • Nominated Best Newcomer Leicester Comedy Festival 2006
  • Manchester World Series Finalist 2010.


Addicted to Memes, Unilad Original, dir. Chris Pugh. (32m views)

Realistic Proposal, Unilad Original, dir. Andy Ellis. (14m views)

Bumping into your Ex, Unilad Original, dir. Chris Pugh. (5m views)

Sims in Real Life, Unilad Gaming, dir. Andy Ellis. (4m views)