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Productions whilst at RADA

  • Broadcast
    Red Velvet directed by Anni Domingo
  • Broadcast
    The Seagull directed by Joan Oliver
  • Broadcast
    Pomona directed by Jordon Stevens
  • Broadcast
    sunlight is the best disinfectant directed by Lesley Ewen
  • Video Designer / Broadcast
    Against directed by Psyche Stott
  • Camera Operator
    Graduate Tree 2021 directed by Nona Shepphard
  • Production Manager
    Grapes (short film) directed by Damien Swaby
  • Video Designer / Production Video Engineer
    Escape Room One
  • Assistant Video Design Co-ordinator
    stoning mary directed by Ché Walker
  • Assistant Stage Manager
    The Point of It directed by Simon Dormandy
  • Props Assistant
    Cymbeline (Shakespeare for Young Audiences) directed by Federay Holmes
  • Props Assistant
    Julius Caesar (Shakespeare for Young Audiences) directed by Hal Chambers
  • Props Assistant
    As You Like It (Shakespeare for Young Audiences) directed by Nancy Meckler
  • Radio Mic Runner / Sound Crew
    Into the Woods directed by James Bonas
  • Sound Crew
    Chicken Shop directed by Lucy Skilbeck
  • Sound Crew
    Love and Money directed by Ria Parry
  • Lighting Operator / Lighting Crew
    Gig directed by Richard Wilson OBE
  • Construction / Metalwork / Lighting crew
    The Philosophy Shop (installation) directed by Catherine Kontz
  • Lighting Crew
    Woman and Scarecrow directed by Caroline Byrne
  • Scenic Art Assistant
    Philistines directed by Donnacadh O'Briain
  • Dresser / Scenic Art Assistant
    Linda directed by Abigail Graham
  • Scenic Art Assistant
    Intimate Apparel directed by Chipo Chung
  • Show Crew
    The Last Days of Judas Iscariot directed by Matthew Xia
  • Show Crew
    Don Juan Comes Back from the War directed by Sue Lefton

Previous experience

  • ASM, Agrippina (Royal Opera House, 2019)
  • Assistant Director, Maughan (King's College London, 2019)
  • Director, Murder by Midnight (No Drama Theatre, 2013)
  • Choreographer, Altan Live (02 Arena Prague, 2010)
  • Choreographer & Principal Dancer, Coisceim / Anne Marie Cunningham Dance Academy (Mainland Europe, 2005 - 2011)

Degrees & Diplomas:

  • MSc. International Marketing (King's College London, 2018)
  • BA (HONS) Business with Psychology (Dublin Business School, 2017)
  • Diploma Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor (The Health Science Academy, 2015)