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An update from RADA's Anti-Racism Steering Group, shared with all RADA students, staff and graduates on Friday 21 August 2020.

Thank you all for your patience regarding progress on our work to establish an anti-racist culture and institution. The students created an incredibly detailed action plan for us to follow, and we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes since early July to honour that document.

Here we wanted to update you on the work of the Anti-Racism Steering Group and where we are today.

  • We have taken the recommendations from the Student Action Plan and have now rationalised that information into a list of easily recognisable and categorised actions, along with details about who is responsible for completing those actions.
  • We have researched and shortlisted anti-racism consultants that we think would be most appropriate to partner with RADA on a root and branch review and reform, and sent out an invitation to tender. We are aiming to interview the shortlisted consultants in mid-September, and have them in place ready to start the work in mid-October.
  • We are establishing an Accountability Panel that will review progress on the implementation of RADA’s anti-racism action plan, and we are now refining our ideas regarding the composition of the panel and working on a draft of the terms of reference for this group.

From next week we will begin to draft our summary report which, in the first instance, will be shared with the Senior Leadership Team and Council. The report will be completed by mid-September.

Students and staff are updated on our work on a weekly basis, and we will continue to keep students, staff, graduates and Council updated on the work as it progresses.

RADA Anti-Racism Steering Group