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Tuesday 29 August 2017, 10am

RADA students were amongst the participants of the 2017 European Forum Alpbach this month, which is once again taking place in Alpbach, Austria from 16 August - 1 September.

European Forum Alpbach is an annual gathering of hundreds of people from the fields of media, politics, science, business and culture, with a programme of seminars, talks, courses, exhibitions and other activities. This year's forum took the theme of 'Conflict and Co-operation', with wide-ranging topics including the EU, digital rights, the latest robot technology and global health solutions. The programme also features art and sculpture exhibitions, story-telling sessions and dramatic and musical performances.

After delivering workshops and performances last year, RADA students and Associate Director Nona Shepphard returned to the 2017 Forum, where they ran 18 performance workshops for attendees. Students also performed two 20-minute pieces to introduce both the Health and the Education symposiums.

Students also worked with medical and health students to create four scenarios of critical medical situations, helping trainee doctors, nurses and social workers to practise delivering diagnoses in difficult and moving circumstances. You can find out more about the process in the video below, and visit the Alpbach website for more details of the 2017 Forum.