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Tuesday 30 April 2019, 10:59am

Now published exclusively on Audible, How To Outperform: What Britain's Best Brands Can Teach the World takes a look behind the scenes of some of Britain's oldest and most well-known institutions to see what makes them tick, and how they have stood the test of time.

It’s part of a joint venture between The Centre for Inclusive Leadership, Kingston University and The Centre for High Performance. Each episode summarises how the findings from each institution can be applied directly to your own life, to improve your productivity, and to stay motivated and get ahead.

You can now listen to episode two in the series to learn more about RADA, its heritage and what it is like today, from our staff, students and graduates.

Hear from RADA Director Edward Kemp on the distinct culture of the Academy, Director of Actor Training Lucy Skilbeck on the individual focus that RADA training offers, and Lead Voice Tutor Joe Windley on the changing face of actor training.

Students past and present - final year actor Aron Julius, RADA Business tutor Charlie Walker-Wise and graduate Juliet Stevenson - also reflect on their own route through RADA and beyond, revealing the changes in RADA's training across the years and its wider relevance to those outside the acting industry.

How to Outperform: What Britain's Best Brands Can Teach the World is available now and is free to all Audible members, or purchasable through Amazon.