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At RADA Mathew teaches Actors Dance and Movement, and also directs acting projects. He came to RADA in 2020 as the apprentice to Sue Lefton. The work they have done together examines what the dance of a particular period has to offer an actor in terms of access to the world they wish to inhabit, including the societal and philosophical ideas embodied in the movement. Mathew also looks at these dances as a metaphor for acting and uses them to support an holistic understanding of what the students are learning elsewhere in the course.

He is currently on the acting staff at LAMDA where he teaches Character Analysis (Movement Psychology) a methodology for actors first brought to actor training by the visionary Yat Malmgren, a late pupil of Rudolf Laban, where the focus of the work is transformation.

Outside of drama schools he continues to work as an actor and movement director in the UK and in Europe.