Forum: Offending Women

Duration: 2 hrs
GBS Theatre
Fri 7 July, 2pm;

A forum on female transgression and punishment, breaking the female mould and challenging perceptions within today’s society.

Women@RADA lead Offending Women alongside guest speakers from Clean Break theatre company.

Women@RADA is a grassroots collective founded by Natasha Rickman, Rhiannon Oliver, and Melanie Jessop and run by RADA students and graduates. They hold the belief that achieving long-lasting change requires a concerted and collective effort.

Clean Break is a women’s theatre company changing lives and changing minds – on stage, in prison and in the community.

Co-founder of Women@RADA Melanie Jessop is also bringing The Lizzie Play to the RADA Festival, a play about Lizzie Borden, which is programmed just after this event and whose themes are extended and explored through this discussion. Jessop said:

“I’m delighted that Women@RADA is bringing The Lizzie Play to the RADA Festival. Since we established the initiative in 2015, the Women@RADA 100 series of playreadings has offered opportunities for female writers, directors and actors at all stages of their careers to develop their work. This piece is an evolution of that project as we continue to strive for increased gender equality in the industry through supporting the creation of exciting and challenging artistic work.

It is fantastic that we can combine this artistic output with leading the Offending Women forum, which links the extraordinary historical tale of Lizzie Borden – a woman who was punished and ostracised for her assumed crime – with questions of female transgression and punishment in the current climate, and the way contemporary society treats women who break free from their perceived place in the world”

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