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What does it take to train a raptor? Some can do it, some can’t. And Brian is not the only one with hawk problems.

What the hooded, non-consenting birds elicit in those who would tame them exposes the tamer as much as the tamed. The strangeness of these wild things enables truths to emerge both from the present and the past. The birds and the humans are foreigners to each other while nurture and love perch uncomfortably alongside shame, abuse, concupiscence and ecstasy.

The hawk/human relationship is central to this piece and the creatures, both human and animal, are extraordinary to behold - beautiful, compelling and strange.

Hawk is innovative in that it uses the actor-training technique of Transformation and Imaginative Improvisation of the unique Copeau-St Denis-Blatchley-Clouzot-Moleta lineage as an intrinsic method for devising. Not merely does it inform the physical development of the actor into the wild creature, transformation into the human, and a richly imaginative physical world, but pivotally, it creates the interwoven stories of this piece.

Company Gabrielle Moleta


Anne Pajunen
Timothy Dodd
Matthew Austin
Jamie Fischer


Polly Wiseman (text)
Will Wollen (assistant director)