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Set between two friends' cramped flatshare and London's poshest spin studio, Always Right There takes you for a spin through five twenty-something women's Lists. Those lists we all subconsciously keep of instances of sexual harassment or abuse that aren't really "bad enough" to warrant talking about, let alone reporting. In a blur of neon and lycra, with the help of a peppy instructor, the characters try and sweat out the memory of a sleazy French policeman, being slut-shamed by your own granddad, or a grim childhood encounter with a stranger's erection.

Back at the flat, two friends talk over everything else: from online dating, yoga and avocadoes, to paedophilia, disturbing sexual fantasies and Instagram porn...

A: How was your Tinder date last night?
B: Frustrating. He's very charismatic in that sort of went-to-Eton, raised-by-women, thick jumper way
A: I love a thick jumper on a man
B: There's something instantly calming about a man who admits it's cold. Anyway we talked about false dichotomies and the crisis of masculinity then he said he had to go. Why wouldn't you just stay out when the option of sex is clearly on the table?
A: He sounds like a dick. He probably lives in Clapham with his mousy girlfriend who is heavily into Cath Kidston

In the wake of #metoo, Always Right There welcomes you through dilated pores into that space just under the skin where women store what ultimately becomes a tolerable, but pungent, disgust with their own bodies. All to a banging playlist.


Jenna Fincken
Lucy Dobson
Hannah Powell
Leah Georges
Alex Reynolds


Christianna Mason (designer)