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Course overview

An intensive, practical course in the processes, methods and techniques involved in finding a creative and appropriate response to the many challenges of designing, from a given text, for the stage.

The course covers the theatre space, the necessity of research, analysis, creative interpretation in 2D and 3D, and the visual languages available to the designer.

Workshop and practical exercises will give you the opportunity to enrich your skills in this essential theatre skill.

The course is aimed at those who are interested in a foundation training in this enormously enagaging discipline of anticipating performance from referencing the playwright's text. Ideal for people starting out on a career in theatre design or wanting to transfer skills from similar disciplines.

Entry requirements

17+. Students below the age of 17 are not normally accepted. There is no upper age limit.

Entrance is by written application.

Further information

Hours of work

Classes generally take place between 10am and 5pm, from Monday to Friday.

Seminars / classes are not optional. Students are expected to behave in a professional manner.

Punctuality is essential; records are kept of class attendance and are taken into account when the RADA certificate is issued at the end of the course.

How to apply

Complete an application form and send it back to us. You can download the application form here.

Sally Power
RADA, 62-64 Gower Street,
London, WC1E 6ED
United Kingdom

Or email a scanned copy of the application form to

Although there is no application deadline, places are limited and therefore early booking is recommended. All applications are considered in order of receipt.

If your application is received after the course is full, you will be put on the waiting list.

Applicants will be informed by post at the address given on the application form whether or not they have been accepted.

Frequently asked questions and terms and conditions

Does the course count towards university credits?

There are no University Credits associated with this course.

Can RADA help me to find accommodation?

Accommodation is not provided for this course.

What is the cancellation policy?

The application form contains full details of our cancellation policy. It is strongly recommended that all students insure themselves to cover the loss of fees in the event of illness, for which the Academy cannot accept any liability.

Rules and regulations of the Academy

By participating in the course you undertake to conform to the general rules and regulations of the Academy.

All students must undertake to adhere to the General Rules and Regulations of the Academy. The Academy’s Director or Course Director shall, at their absolute discretion, have the right to terminate the course in respect of any student whose presence or conduct is in contravention of the same.

Friends or other persons who are not officially enrolled are not permitted to sit in on classes, rehearsals or presentations.

Students must understand, conform and adhere to the Academy’s Health and Safety Procedures and Policies.

All students are expected to wear the correct and appropriate clothing for each class.

Students are expected to maintain a professional standard of dress and hygiene at all times.

Fees are non-returnable once a student has started a course.

Photography or recording of any kind is strictly prohibited in the classroom areas without permission from the Academy’s staff.

RADA does not discriminate against applicants on the grounds of sex, disability, ethnicity or sexuality. We welcome applicants from disabled people and offer places solely on the basis of potential and suitability for the course. The school is mainly housed in a newly-refurbished building which provides good access for wheelchair users.

Decisions made by the Academy regarding the selection of instructors, the allocation of students to study groups, the material for that study group and any roles allocated are final and not open to negotiation.

It is strongly recommended that students insure themselves to cover any medical or transport costs and loss of fees in the event of illness or accident for which the Academy cannot accept any liability.

If, for reason of epidemic or national crisis, the Academy is compelled to close during the course, no fees can be returned or compensation be made for any period of tuition that may have been lost through the Academy’s inability to carry on its work.

It is important to note that the Academy does not accept responsibility for students beyond the scheduled teaching hours on the RADA premises. These are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm. Parents are therefore advised to ensure that adequate supervision of activities undertaken in the evening and at weekends is provided, as appropriate, during the duration of the course.