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Special skills

Accents: Welsh, American (southern)

Singing: bass

Music: ensemble singing

Physical: Laban, Commedia dell’Arte, physical theatre

Sports: football, rugby

Other skills: animal studies, Shakespeare, corporate role-play, improvisation, script/screenwriting, workshops, teaching, open-air theatre, public speaking

Previous experience

Son Two, The Creature, dir. Chris Durnall, Company of Sirens Theatre

Shenks, The Wolf Tattoo, dir. Chris Durnall, Company of Sirens Theatre

Captain Jemmy Campbell, Our Country’s Good, dir. Fiona Buffini, Nottingham Playhouse

Francis Flute/Thisby, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, dir. Jaq Bessell, Split-Second Productions

Alexander Walgrave, Father Brown, dir. Piotr Szkopiak, BBC

Short Film
Co-Writer/Co-Director, Bluebells on the Mountain, Fools on the Hill Production Company

Matt, First Sign of Love, dir. Nigel Hughes, BBC Film

Errol, Petroleum Spirit, dir. Rob Sanders, Mirror Productions

Studied BA Hons in Acting at the Guildford School of Acting 2014-2017