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Monday 8 October 2018, 10am

Applications are now open for our full-time courses for entry in September 2019.

You can now apply to:

Undergraduate courses

Postgraduate courses

Non-HE courses

Application fee waivers

Application fees apply, but application fee waivers are available for applicants from low income backgrounds. Please send your form in with your application, along with the relevant evidence to show your eligibility.

You can download the application fee waiver form here, which contains all the information and criteria you need to see if you are eligible for a waiver. Please get in touch at if you need any assistance.

We have a lower-rate early application fee for applications received on or before 13 December. The staggered application fee rate helps us to process applications and schedule auditions more effectively between the application opening and closing date.

Choose where you audition

For our BA (Hons) in Acting and Foundation Course in Acting, there is the option to audition not only in London on-site at RADA, but also across the UK in Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle and Plymouth, as well as overseas in Dublin, New York and Los Angeles. We also hold interviews for our Technical Theatre and Stage Management courses in Manchester and Plymouth.

This gives you the chance to audition closer to home, saving on travel and accommodation costs.

If you reach the third and fourth round of auditions (out of a four-stage process) we will ask to you come to RADA for this, and we offer travel bursaries for those who require them. This will also give you the chance to visit RADA if you haven't already, to see our facilities and meet more of our staff and students.

BA (Hons) in Acting auditions

  • London: Nov 2018 to Apr 2019 (applications close 28 Feb 2019)
  • Newcastle: 11 - 13 Feb 2019 (applications close 25 Jan 2019)
  • Dublin: 11 - 13 Feb 2019 (applications close 25 Jan 2019)
  • New York: 18 - 22 Feb 2019 (applications close 25 Jan 2019)
  • Los Angeles: 25 - 27 Feb 2019 (applications close 25 Jan 2019)
  • Manchester: 4 - 8 Mar 2019 (applications close 15 Feb 2019)
  • Birmingham: 11 - 13 Mar 2019 (applications close 15 Feb 2019)
  • Bristol: 18 - 19 Mar 2019 (applications close 15 Feb 2019)
  • Plymouth: 20 Mar 2019 (applications close 15 Feb 2019)

Technical Theatre and Stage Management interviews

  • London: Dec 2018-May 2019 (applications close 1 Apr 2019)
  • Manchester: 14 Mar 2019 (applications close 1 Mar 2019)
  • Plymouth: 28 Mar 2019 (applications close 1 Mar 2019)

Find out more

To find out more about what each course entails, please visit the relevant link above.

On these links you can also read about what it's like to be a RADA student, the different kinds of funding available to cover your fees and living costs, the support we offer students during their training, and the careers our graduates follow.

Good luck!