What Happened to You?

Duration: 1 hr 10 mins
Gielgud Theatre
Fri 7 July, 9pm;
Sat 8 July, 4pm (inc. Q&A);
£10/ £5 concession

Writer: Oliver Bennett

Paula is an academically gifted 35 year old woman who one day does something shocking; unacceptable and unspeakable.

This play is a collage of scenes from 15 years of her life. We see significant episodes in her life, interactions with her best friend, her mother, colleges and strangers. These are events, conversations and moments that have affected her psychological and political development. We see her argue with her family, get thrown out of school, join a revolutionary left-wing underground group, as well as seeing her sex life, drug use and humiliating employment.

We piece together her journey from idealistic teenager to left-wing activist, moderate liberal and finally to radical right-wing reactionary.

The play is a theatrical experiment to look at why and how this may have happened.

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