Tolerable but Pungent (Disgust with oneself)

Duration: 1 hr
Gielgud Theatre
Fri 30 June, 9pm;
£10/ £5 concession

Written by Natalia Rossetti
Directed by Ellie Taylor
Associate Director: Samara Gannon

"I store it with the long list of stuff that wasn't outright sexual abuse that could, say, constitute a trauma, that could, say, justify my recoiling from a man in bed one night during foreplay after the way he touched me caused a sudden flashback, recoiling and saying something like, I'm sorry, it's not you, it's just, something happened to me. It's not like that. It's not at all as bad as that."

In their cramped London flat, two flatmates talk about dating, avocados, paedophilia, the Bakerloo line, cheating, yoga, and Milky Way mousse. If they knew you were listening they would definitely try and sound a little more intellectual.

Meanwhile, at London's poshest spin studio, three more women are leaving "everything they don't need" behind. Sweating. It. Out. And who needs to be accused of being a slut by a French policeman? Or by their grandad, for that matter?

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