The Texas Tax Man

Duration: 1 hr
Gielgud Theatre
Tue 4 July, 9pm;
Thu 6 July, 9pm;
£10/ £5 concession

Written by Luke Courtier
Directed by Sarah Meadows
Performed by Kat Bond, Hugo Bolton, Will Close, Luke Courtier

Following the sell out run of LUNCH at VAULT 2016 and Underbelly, Edinburgh 2016 Luke Courtier presents The Texas Tax Man.

31st January 1875. Buck Highhorn and James Peter Jameston are just any other hooch drinking perudo playing cowboys on the prairie. But when they crucially miss the self assessment tax return deadline all hell breaks loose. Run out of town and pursued by scalp hungry bounty hunters, Buck and James go all out to find the mythical Texas Tax Man; the only accountant in the wild west with the basic numeracy and administrative skills needed to save them from a colourfully violent death. Will Buck and James make it out of this alive and, more importantly, fiscally accountable?

Why is a nineteenth century frontier society so mercilessly harsh on its freelancers? Can you really expense every bullet you shoot or only some?

‘Fact is I went and put all my receipts in a big pile under my horse and went and darn forgot about ‘em. One day a big prairie wind comes out of the east and blows them all away.’

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