The Masks of Aphra Behn

Duration: 1 hr
Gielgud Theatre
Fri 7 July, 7pm;
£10/ £5 concession

Written and performed by Claire Louise Amias
Directed by Pradeep Jey
Costume design by Anna Sargent
Sound Design by Keri Danielle Chesser

It's 1677 and an audience getting ready to watch Aphra Behn's 'The Rover' are in for a surprise. For the show has been cancelled and in its place Aphra herself recounts the extraordinary tale of her time as a spy for King Charles II in the Dutch Wars, and how she became the first professional female writer. Complete with excerpts from Behn's letters, poetry and plays, this vivid and thought-provoking one-woman show brings one of theatre's most brilliant raconteurs back to life.

Thoroughly Entertaining... faultless
Four Stars Remotegoat

You'll be hard pressed to find a show quite as original and enjoyable as this one
Four Stars Female Arts

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