The Last King of Scotland (Rehearsed reading)

Duration: 2 hrs
GBS Theatre
Tue 4 July, 4:15pm;
Wed 5 July, 7:15pm (inc. Q&A 45 mins);
£12/ £6 concession

From the novel by Giles Foden
Directed by Robert Hastie
Dramatist: Steve Waters
Producers: Adam Paulden and Matt Leventhall

The Last King of Scotland is a riveting account of power and responsibility.

This stage version offers an electrifying tale of complicity with atrocity. Stripping the novel back to its core, the play focuses on the relationship between the hapless ambiguous physician Nicholas Garrigan and the capricious psychotic yet charming figure of Idi Amin.

The focus of the chamber drama allows the tale’s horrors to be delayed, only to return with renewed force. Images of theatrical intensity resemble Jacobean tragedy are supported by a choric layer of song and verbatim detail, revealing the sufferings of the world beyond the action.

This theatrical version re-tells a story that speaks to an age of the war on Terror as much as its original context; Last King offers a darkly comic, even poetic fable for the stage.

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