The Ballad of Paragon Station (After Cindy and Nan)

Duration: 1 hr
Gielgud Theatre
Tue 4 July, 4pm (inc. Q&A)
£10/ £5 concession

Performance Creatives
Writer/Actor/Director- Hester Arden
Projection Photography- Jessica Mahaffey
Co-director/Dramaturg- Victoria Gimby
Music- Andy Clydesdale
Set- Ed Ullyart

Stills Creatives
Photography-Jessica Mahaffey
Direction- Hester Arden and Jessica Mahaffey
Stylist- Ian Luka
Make Up Artist- Oonah Anderson

Stills Cast- Hester Arden, Tarik Bolton and Gabriel Winter

'What keeps you awake at night, Stacey Kay?’

Now. Tonight. Can’t sleep. Won’t sleep. So close you can hear a heart beating.

Inspired by Dylan Thomas’ ‘Under Milk Wood’ with reference to Nan Goldin's 'The Ballad of Sexual Dependancy' and Cindy Sherman, Hester Arden’s ‘Paragon Station' is a dreamlike journey using image and story into the course of an evening in an imagined industrial UK city.

Follow into step as we listen at the ramshackle wall of this city's brightest underdogs. A frank and poetic trail of laughter, loneliness, sex, telly, ciggies and desire…a glass jar listening at the door of the unheard.

Written and performed by Hester Arden. In collaboration with photographer Jessica Mahaffey. Set make by Edwin Ullyart.

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