Duration: 1 hr 15 mins
Gielgud Theatre
Wed 28 June, 2pm;
Fri 30 June, 4pm;
£10/ £5 concession

Devised by Andrew Visnevski
Designer: Alexander McPherson
Performed by Jeff Lewis and Simon Stache

The piece continues a long-standing collaborative partnership between Andrew Visnevski, the director, and RADA graduate Jeff Lewis.

Frequent guest designer at RADA, Alexander McPherson, will explore Cocteau's pictorial world for the design.

Hair-raising nightmare of recovery from opium addiction.

The artist experiences a dissociation between the mind, jumping from ecstatic memories of the drug, obsessions and fragmented revelations as it searches for resolution and relief, and the body, which embarks on its own tormented and humiliating path.

Based on the writings and drawings kept by Jean Cocteau as he experienced his own self-imposed rehabilitation, the piece is not only a plunge into an unnerving tampering with the unconscious, but also an exploration of many of the themes which haunted much of Cocteau's subsequent work - childhood, mirrors, dreams, madness and the Underworld; all of it pervaded with a heady aura of homoeroticism.

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